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One  of the most important missions of the Peoria Holocaust Memorial is to educate visitors, young and old alike, so that the lessons of the past aren’t forgotten and the mistakes of the past are not repeated. Below you will find a variety of resources especially focused for education groups visiting the memorial, but available to all who are interested in making a visit to the Memorial part of a larger learning experience.

The Peoria Holocaust Memorial gratefully acknowledges the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre (VHEC). The VHEC, an acclaimed teaching museum has been devoted to Holocaust based anti-racism education. The VHEC’s mission is to promote human rights, social justice and genocide awareness through education and remembrance of the Holocaust.

Education Resources

Resource Packet

Complete teacher resource from the Vancouver Holocaust Education Center. (download .pdf) *

Lesson Plans

Locally created lesson plans and activities aligned with the Illinois state Holocaust education standard


Links to additional Holocaust education resources.  


Local Connections

Coming Soon
Stories from Peoria area survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants including audio, video and photographs.

White Rose Contest

Every year the Jewish Federation of Peoria sponsors the White Rose Essay Contest for school children. The latest entry information is available here.

Resource Trunk

Now Available! 
Available to educators helping you create a complete unit aligned with Illinois standards on the Holocaust and other genocides.  Contact Us to check out a trunk