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The Peoria Holocaust Memorial – a collection of 11 million buttons, 6 million for the Jewish victims of the Holocaust and 5 million for other enemies of the Nazi state – is one of the most unique remembrances of  this tragic, horrific and cruelest extermination of human life.

When a group of people in central Illinois united to create the Memorial in 2001, after much discussion they chose the button as the visual image to represent each of the 11 million people lost. Buttons were donated from across the country and around the world to make this dream a reality.

In 2003 the Memorial was dedicated at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie.  

Now the Peoria Holocaust Memorial Needs Your Help

We’re Raising Funds to Refurbish and Move the Memorial to its new home at the Peoria Riverfront Museum


If you prefer to save transaction fees you can mail us your tax deductible donation.
 Make checks payable to: Jewish Fed. Of Peoria/Holocaust Memorial
 2000 Pioneer Pkwy. Suite 10B Peoria, IL 61615

In 2014, more than 10 years of exposure to the elements and changes at the original site of the memorial led to a conversation about a new site and mission for the Peoria Holocaust Memorial. An unused section of the Peoria Riverfront Museum grounds proved to be the perfect size and setting for the new location. The Museum has opened doors for local, national and world audiences engaging in lifelong learning, and now that mission will grow with the addition of the Peoria Holocaust Memorial.

Our greater Peoria community again has the opportunity and responsibility to show that we will not stand by and forget the vital lessons of the past, as we readily accept the need and moral duty to enhance the lives of future generations. 

Can You Give Us A Hand?

We have 11 million buttons that need sorting and cleaning. Every hand and every hour you can give us helps us reach our goal of having the Memorial ready for its reopening in 2017.
Individuals and Groups Are Welcome 

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The Peoria Holocaust Memorial has started a crowdfunding campaign so anyone can donate any amount. 

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Volunteers are needed to help sort and clean the buttons. If you or a group would like to volunteer, sign up here.

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